Equipment overview:

  • Circulation pumps
  • Backup electric boiler 9 kW
  • Control of three heating circuits
  • Control of two mixing valves
  • Primary circuit expansion vessel
  • ON-LINE control and diagnostics
  • Passive cooling function (“P” model)
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The new generation of heat-modulated ground source heat pumps

TERRA NEO brine-water heat pumps are the new generation of inverter-type heat pumps with the highest possible efficiency for heating and hot water. Thanks to the large capacity range and the wide range of equipment, TERRA NEO heat pumps can be installed in family and apartment buildings or in commercial buildings of various types. The result is maximum savings, as the heat pump operates at optimum performance all year without increasing the power consumption.

Heat from heat sources (geothermal boreholes, ground collector) is taken by means of a closed primary circuit in which a mixture of water and antifreeze flows. Groundwater can also be used as a heat source, but this option requires a water-water expansion module with an additional heat exchanger.

The settings of the heat pump and heating system are simple and intuitive via the touch screen. The 7-inch color LCD clearly shows operating conditions and parameters, such as the current heating factor. As standard, the TERRA NEO heat pump can be controlled via a computer via the Internet. The power range is graded in three stages: 4 - 9 kW, 6 - 16 kW and 10 - 22 kW. These heat pumps already meet the requirements of energy class A +++. The TERRA NEO is also available in passive cooling.

Technical parameters

Model HP3BW TERRA NEO 07 07 P 12 12 P 18 18 P
Energy class W35 / W55 A +++ / A ++
SVT code SVT23109 SVT23112 SVT23110 SVT23113 SVT23111 SVT23114
Energy parameters
Heating power (B0 / W35) 9.0 kW 9.0 kW 16.0 kW 16.0 kW 22.0 kW 22.0 kW
COP (B0 / W35) 4.61 4.61 4.63 4.63 4.63 4.63
Other parameters
Collector area / borehole depth [m 2 / m] 360/1 x 130 360/1 x 130 480/2 x 90 480/2 x 90 860 / 3 x 105 860/3 x 105
MITSUBISHI Scroll / INVERTOR / R410A compressor
Dimensions (W x D x H) [mm] 580 x 640 x 1603
Weight [kg] 190 195 195 200 200 205
Order No W20373 W20376 W20374 W20377 W20375 W20378

"P" ... variant of heat pumps with active cooling

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