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Quality label of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) - a quality label for heat pumps, has a historical foundation in the activities of the DA-CH heat pump association in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where there was a need to protect the market a common set of quality assurance requirements for heat pump products and services. The approved products then bear the 'Wärmepumpen Gütesiegel' quality label, or quality seal for the German-speaking countries. This idea has been further developed in the European Heat Pump Association, which currently brings together 21 countries or national heat pump associations and is constantly expanding.

The Czech Association for the Use of Heat Pumps, as a founding member of EHPA, has established, according to EHPA rules, a national commission which is authorized to award a quality label valid in the Czech Republic. The quality label may be awarded to heat pumps for electric heating, with or without hot water, with a heat output of up to 100 kW, where the heat energy is taken from the air, ground or water.

A 'quality label', based on the required criteria, can successfully help further develop the growing heat pump market, in particular by:

  • provides protection to the consumer that the labeled product has guaranteed quality parameters, uses state-of-the-art technology, and provides increasingly sophisticated long-term benefits;
  • provides convincing arguments (institutional and financial) to all institutions and investors seeking state contributions;
  • supports the current concept of heat pumps as energy efficient, reliable and high quality products;
  • supports the inclusion of heat pumps as innovative technologies for generating environmentally friendly renewable external heat;
  • helps to protect the existing heat pump market from poor quality products.

In order to be awarded the EHPA quality label, the heat pump must meet the criteria of the EHPA test carried out by accredited testing institutes or testing laboratories and the manufacturer or distributor must provide defined service levels.

Key requirements include:

(a) Product compliance with international and national standards, regulations and regulations.

(b) Energy Efficiency Minimum Values ​​(COP) defined for each system as follows:

  • brine-water: at B0 / W35 COP 4.3
  • water-water: at W10 / W35 COP 5.1
  • air-water: at A2 / W35 COP 3.1
  • direct evaporation-water: at E4 / W35 COP 4.3

(c) Confirmation of the energy parameters of the heat pump declared by the EEAA manufacturer by an accredited testing laboratory.

d) Confirmation of the technical parameters relating to noise.

e) Existence of sales and distribution network, planning, authorized service and operating documents in the local language of the country where the heat pump is distributed.

f) Existence of a functioning customer care network that provides a 24-hour response time to resolve consumer complaints.

g) At least two years full warranty, which must include a statement that spare parts will be available for the heat pump for at least ten years.

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