Corporate strategy

Quality and Environment Policy

In order to maintain and improve their market position, PZP HEATING's management announces the following strategic objectives:

  1. To meet customers 'needs to deliver products to the market according to the company's production program, which equally satisfy customers' demands for quality, safety, economy and environmental protection.
  2. Try to increase the sales of heat pumps and thus help to reduce the energy consumption necessary for heating buildings. In this way contribute to the saving of primary energy sources and reduction of emissions into the air.
  3. To systematically increase the level of environmental protection throughout the entire life cycle of our products, from production, operation to end of life.
  4. Strive to continuously increase the awareness of customers, business partners and the public about the quality of our products, their usefulness and environmental benefits.
  5. Continuously strive to improve the services provided and optimize production costs, improve the working environment.
  6. As part of the company's business strategy to build a sales, assembly and service network throughout the Czech Republic and other countries, through which the market share of UGS products will be constantly increased.

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