Price list of heat pumps

Here is the basic price list of heat pumps. If you are interested in any of our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer according to your needs very quickly.

We will send you the exact budget including assembly and possible ongoing sales discounts immediately after specifying the requirements in the inquiry form.

Type Order number Price without VAT [CZK]
HP3AWX08D W20307 205 000
HP3AWX08DR W20385 215 000
HP3AWX16D W20308 239 000
HP3AWX16DR W20386 249 000
HP3AWX06ECO2 W20401 143 000
HP3AWX08ECO2 W20402 149 000
HP3AWX10ECO2 W20403 156 000
HP3AWX14ECO2 W20404 175 000
HP3AWX06ECO3 W20405 158 000
HP3AWX08ECO3 W20406 164 000
HP3AWX10ECO3 W20407 170 000
HP3AWX14ECO3 W20408 189 000
HP3AW08A W20369 235 000
HP3AW08AR W20371 245 000
HP3AW16A W20370 254 000
HP3AW16AR W20372 265 000
HP3AW22SB W20235 439 000
HP3AW22SBR W20238 484 000
HP3AW36SB W20237 519 000
HP3AW36SBR W20240 565 000
HP3BW07N W20373 215 000
HP3BW07NP W20376 225 000
HP3BW12N W20374 225 000
HP3BW12NP W20377 235 000
HP3BW18N W20375 245 000
HP3BW18NP W20378 255 000

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