We are Czech manufacturer of heat pumps            and we've been manufacturing heat pumps for over 25 years.

Everything has started more than 25 years ago

At that time, we laid the foundations of a company that has since been supplying heat pumps for heating and hot water, ventilation and dehumidification technology and custom cooling technology to us and abroad.

Take a look back at our history ...

Now, PZP HEATING, a.s. a subsidiary of the leading manufacturer of heating and sanitary technology Kermi GmbH, through which we are also part of the large Swiss concern Arbonia Group. With a strong background, we are able to keep up with the times and also deliver high quality products with above-standard warranty and service guarantee.

Everything has started more than 25 years ago
The best heat pumps

The best heat pumps

Within the Arbonia Group we present a specialized center for research, development and production of heat pumps of all kinds. We offer attractive, affordable system solutions that are then expanded across the world through an extensive sales network.

Arbonia Group is a focused European building supplier that is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and has its headquarters in Arbon, in the canton of Thurgau (Switzerland). The group is active worldwide with its own distribution companies as well as offices and partners in more than 70 countries. Its main production sites are located in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Slovakia. A total of around 8 400 employees work for Arbonia Group. The divisions that make up Arbonia are active in the following sectors: heating technology, air-conditioning and ventilation technology, sanitary equipment, windows, as well as exterior and interior doors.

The result of our work are quality products

We hold several certificates that guarantee that we follow strict production procedures. We have received a quality label for all our heat pumps - European Heat Pump Association (EPHA).

Quality and reliability Our products are characterized by the following features:

Quiet operation
No extra noise
– our products are quiet

Long service life
and reliable operation

Czech production
Heat pumps
in the Czech Republic

On-line diagnostics
Accurate information for service technicians

Technical support
Service and technical support