Equipment overview:

  • Circulator
  • Backup electric boiler 9 kW
  • Control of three heating circuits
  • Control of two mixing valves
  • Three-way valve TeV
  • ON-LINE control and diagnostics
  • Active cooling function (“R” model)
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AMBIENT heat pumps with modulated capacity, for indoor installation

This heat pump system incorporates advanced inverter technology that adapts the heat pump's performance to the instantaneous need of the heating system. This ensures maximum thermal comfort in a particularly economical way of operation. The indoor unit consumes outdoor air even at -20°C.

AMBIENT heat pumps are installed inside the building, where they are not disturbing due to their pleasant design and very low noise. They are connected to the outdoor environment by heat and acoustically insulated air ducts terminated by special covering grilles, which are installed in the peripheral wall of the building. It has never been so easy to connect a heat pump to a heat source from the ambient air. Excellent noise levels and outdoor air channel optics make these pumps a safe and clean solution.

The settings of the heat pump and heating system are easy and intuitive via the touch screen. The 7-inch color LCD clearly shows operating conditions and parameters, such as the current heating factor. The control unit is equipped as standard for internet connection.

AMBIENT heat pumps are available in two models with a heating output range of 4 - 13 kW and 8 - 19 kW. According to the new ErP Directive (valid from 2019), these heat pumps reach the energy class A +++. The AMBIENT model is also available in an active cooling variant.

Technical parameters

Model HP3AW AMBIENT 08 08 R 16 16 R
Energy class W35 / W55 A +++ / A ++
SVT code SVT23105 SVT23107 SVT23106 SVT23108
Energy parameters
Heating power (A7 / W35) 13.0 kW 13.0 kW 19.0 kW 19.0 kW
COP (A7 / W35) 4.95 4.95 4.91 4.91
Cooling capacity (A35 / W18) - 11.5 kW - 16.5 kW
Other parameters
Noise at 3 m 34 dB 34 dB 37 dB 37 dB
MITSUBISHI Scroll / INVERTOR / R410A compressor
Dimensions (W x D x H) [mm] 1045 x 770 x 1770
Weight [kg] 250 255 270 275
Order No W20369 W20371 W20370 W20372

"R" ... variant of heat pump with active cooling

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Installation of heat pumps

Reconstruction of a family house in Brno: using the air-water heat pump type PERFORMANCE

Reconstruction of a family house in Brno

2010, heat pump PERFORMANCE 11
Acting Museum VIKTORKA in Ratibořice: using DYNAMIC air-water heat pumps

Acting Museum VIKTORKA in Ratibořice

2017, heat loss 71 kW, DYNAMIC air-water heat pumps

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