Heat pumps brine - water


INVERTOR heat pump with modulated capacity

Heating output: 4–22 kW

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The heat contained in the ground, the so-called geothermal heat, is usually used indirectly. It is obtained through a suitable heat exchanger - ground collector - and the heat is transferred through the circulation circuit to the heat pump evaporator using a heat transfer fluid. The heat transfer fluid used is antifreeze and environmentally friendly.

The heat transfer fluid is circulated. The circulating liquid cools in the heat pump evaporator and is re-heated by the geothermal heat in the ground collector. In order for such heat consumption to fulfill its function in the long term (each subsequent heating season), the ground layer should have sufficient time to recover to its original temperature state during the warmer season.

The geothermal heat pump ground collector can be realized in two ways.

Either as a horizontal collector located at a depth of 1.5 to 2 m below the ground surface, suitable especially for heat pumps of lower heating capacity or as a vertical collector, embedded in a borehole (borehole) up to 150 m deep. 

Heat pumps using geothermal heat via a ground collector are referred to as "brine-water heat pumps".

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